Our program includes a variety of ways to get connected to (and love) the art of tap dancing – and further develop and enhance your own unique “voice”, style and artistry.


Below is a summary of what opportunities we offer (programming varies throughout the year, and year-to-year):

Classes: Technique and improvisation classes, scheduled at different times and venues throughout the year.

Workshops:  Special classes instructed by local, national and international guest dance and music artists to inspire you and take your rhythmical awareness and dancing to new heights. We offer sessions on traditional rhythm tap repertoire, tap talks, seminars, film screenings, etc.,

Tap Jams:  Community events for dancers and musicians of all ages and levels to gather, share rhythms, and create new ones.

Artistic development: Committed to developing Ottawa’s tap dance artistry, the ORI offers opportunities for select local professional dancers (via audition only) through the Ensemble to further enhance and deepen their own artistic voice. Through this unique professional development opportunity, the ORI Ensemble collaborates with other artists and educators to deepen their practice and produce new work.

We also celebrate Tap Dance Day (May 25) with community programming for the public.

We welcome partners for program delivery.

For more information:

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