Tap Jams

What is a Tap Jam?

Integral to our programming (and a tap dancer’s development) are tap jams.

A tap jam is a forum to connect with dancers and musicians. It’s an opportunity to dance, and share and expand your improvisational skills, including your rhythmical and musical knowledge, and sharpen your your performance ability.  Jams are a fun and inspiring way to express your own “voice”, and a great way meet other members of our growing tap community.

Never jammed before? Nervous? No problem!  Every jam includes instruction so that you’ll feel relaxed and ready in no time. It’s a stress-free and fun environment right from the get-go.

ORI tap jams:

  • Are open to dancers and musicians of all ages and levels 
  • Are usually about 1-2 hours long
  • Cost vary depending on who leads the jam, how long it is, or if we have live musical accompaniment

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