Tap Shoe Depot

Need tap shoes?  Want to sell or donate yours?  The ORI can help!  And…you can  support the ORI’s annual fundraising efforts while doing it. 

The ORI Tap Shoe Depot buys and sells previously owned tap shoes.  

Part of the sale of your shoes (or all, if you’re so inclined) go to the ORI’s annual fundraising efforts.

Have shoes to sell?  Send a description, an attractive picture of your shoes and your desired price to the ottawarhythminitiative@gmail.com.  We’ll take no more than two business days to respond.

Need shoes?  Email us with your request, including size, desired style or brand!  We’ll take no more than two business days to respond.

Here’s how our Depot works:

If you’re selling shoes we will:

  • Take your shoes off your hands (and feet…) and store them.  If you live in the Ottawa/Gatineau area, you can drop them off at our Depot in downtown Ottawa. Live outside of this area? You can mail them directly to us, or hang on to them until we find a buyer for you, and you can mail your shoes directly to the buyer.
  • Help you price them
  • Find a buyer for them
  • We take 40% of the sale price, or you can choose to donate the entire sale price to the ORI
  • Send you a cheque for 60% of the sale price within 30 days of purchase
  • Encourage or help you find the right pair for your next tap dance class[Comon’…you didn’t think we’d let you off the hook, did’ya…? 😉 ]

If you’re buying shoes we will:

  • Suggest a shoe brand and style that’s right for you. (If what you need is not in the ORI Tap Shoe Depot, we can direct you to the right place to buy them – locally, or around the world.)
  • Ship any of our Depot shoes right to your door (we’ll add 10% of the shoe cost as an administrative fee – plus the shipping cost to your bill).
  • You can pay cash (Ottawa/Gatineau buyers only), or via PayPal, money order, or certified cheque

Need more information?  Contact us at ottawarhythminitiative@gmail.com.


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