Thanks for your interest in our community classes!

We are now accepting registration for our WINTER 2019 session, see details below!  While ORI classes are geared to adults, they are open to students 16 years and older.

Classes take place at 174 First Avenue (KV Dance Studio)
*No Classes on Family Day and Easter-Monday February 18 and Monday April 22

Intermediate (5+ years)  |  7:30 PM – 8:30 PM  |
You are developing a good technical foundation and enjoy fun rhythmic play. You have a good tap vocabulary, and are working on more intricate rudiments and advanced rhythmical combinations. Music theory and improvisation are integral to your learning and advancement. Expect friendly and fun classes with others who are eager to expand their musical awareness (…time, feel, and groove, baby!), vocabulary, and improve their clarity, dexterity and overall dance quality!  Cost: $252 (That’s $18/class x 14 weeks. 2% PayPal admin fees additional.)

Tap 101 (Beginners 1 to 2 years) |  8:30 PM – 9:30 PM  |                                                Whether you are starting tap for the first time or need to go back and re-fresh on the basics, this is the class for you!  You’ll quickly gain music theory and rhythm knowledge and build your tap dance vocabulary.  Those students who took Tap 101 in the Fall of 2018 and want to continue with a beginner level can expect to have fun exploring more complex rhythms, gain more musical knowledge, and explore a broader variety of combinations than you did in your first beginner class. Cost:  $252 (That’s $18/class x 14 weeks.  2% PayPal admin fees additional.)


WEDNESDAYS – JANUARY 16 – MAY 1, 2019 (16 week session)
Classes take place at 911 Richmond Road (Forward Dance Studio)

Advanced Beginners (3+ years)  |  7:00 PM – 8:00 PM  |
You’ve mastered the basic rudiment fundamentals, can cramproll, shuffle-off-to-buffalo, and are ready to do more! You’ll deepen your music theory in this class, appreciation for jazz music, and will focus on learning short rhythmical phrases, combinations and routines. Improvisation will be explored. Expect friendly and fun classes with others who love to tap dance and have studied for at least 3 consecutive years…or who may be a bit rusty after a few years away, and are brushing up their skills! Cost: $288 (That’s $18/class x 16 weeks.  2% PayPal admin fees additional.)

The ORI is a volunteer-supported community and operates on a full cost-recovery basis. Learn more here.

Session payments can be made:

  • Online via PayPal links above.  (Admin fees apply when using PayPal.)
  • Money e-transfer.  How?  Start by emailing to confirm your desired class before you send payment. When we get your email, we’ll put you on a class list, and send you a confirmation email requesting you to send your e-transfer.
  • Cash, payable at your first class.

Drop-in students:  Cash only. $25/class.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  No refunds are issued for missed or cancelled classes or if you choose to cancel your session registration. Classes may be canceled due to inclement weather or other unforeseen emergencies.  A substitute teacher may be provided from time to time and without notice.

Questions? Email