We’re shuffling in a whole lot of “new” in 2014

Welcome to the ORI!  Our program is designed to deepen your connection to the art of tap dancing.


We’re a tap dance hub and community, not a studio. Above all, we spread tap love.

We offer varied programming for all who enjoy the art of tap dancing. We collaborate with local, national and international artists and ambassadors to create and deliver our programming.

Our program focuses on developing dancers musically, rhythmically and technically through exploration of tap technique and form (movement for tap dancers, “skills and drills”, etc.), improvisation, repertoire and choreography. Wherever possible we work with live music.  Learn more.

Dancers and musicians of all ages and levels (absolute beginners, too) are welcomed to join and share in our growing community. Find us on Facebook to get invited to all of our events!

Are you new tapper in town?  Or a tap or percussive artist or musician coming to Ottawa and looking to offer classes, workshops, or want to join in our jams?  We look forward to hearing from you!  Contact us at ottawarhythminitiative@gmail.com or call 613.799.0386